Colleges and universities play a critical role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. The Together We Rock! learning and leadership presentations are designed to promote accessibility and inclusion not just on college and university campuses, but as a means to extend into the graduates’ future workplaces, marketplaces and communities. 


Students, faculty and staff of a college or university play a critical role in making a difference. Now is the time. You can choose from the following Together We Rock! presentations to learn about the importance of not just showing interest in accessibility and inclusion, but also taking the necessary steps to make it happen. 



Colleges and Universities


This 45-minute presentation encourages college and university faculty and student governments to take a leadership role in creating accessible and inclusive post-secondary campuses. Drawing on his own college experience, John Draper shares his insights on academic accommodation, accessible learning environments and inclusive campus activities. Faculty and students will learn how to create a vision for success and how to walk the talk, all while keeping an open mind and embracing shared leadership roles to build equal access to post-secondary education. 

What’s Your
Next Step?


Designed for post-secondary students, this 45-minute presentation explores how students can take the lead in promoting accessibility and inclusion in their future career and daily lives. Featuring a strong focus on leadership and social responsibility, the presentation is followed by an interactive workshop and/or a question & answer period that will give them the opportunity to put their ideas into action.

Together We Rock!
Finding My Voice


In this engaging and personable presentation, Together We Rock! founder John Draper chronicles his journey to finding his voice as an augmentative communication user, sharing his thoughts on the benefits and limitations of low- and high-tech approaches to communication. Finding My Voice is a 45-minute presentation (followed by an optional interactive workshop and Q & A) designed specifically for post-secondary students studying the field of speech pathology and communication disorders. 


There’s a big difference between talking the talk and walking the talk. Together We Rock!’s LIVE30 program challenges post-secondary students and staff to make a difference on their campuses within thirty days. Following the LIVE30 presentation, participants are encouraged to “live” inclusion and accessibility by taking one step in their school, workplace or community to make a difference, then send their “one step” to Together We Rock! via electronic postcard. 

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