About Together We Rock!

Our Mission

Established in 2006, Together We Rock! was built on the belief that our mission is possible.

Together We Rock!  
inspires learning and champions leadership to create accessible and inclusive communities.


Our Values

At Together We Rock! we live, sleep and breathe our values – they’re embedded in everything we do and in the choices we make as a business. 

Together We Rock!

Believes in Possibilities

Communities that believe in possibilities can achieve anything.

Celebrates Diversity

Communities are the best they can be in everything they do when they celebrate diversity.

Champions Leadership

One person can make a difference as their small actions add up to big changes.

Envisions Extraordinary Communities

Accessible and inclusive communities don’t just happen; they are created. Now is the time.


Our Success

The success of Together We Rock! is rooted in our commitment to integrity, excellence and accountability.



Together We Rock! strives to do what is right every day. We’re strong believers in fairness and honesty as the qualities that will lead us on the right path. 


At Together We Rock! we begin each day with a promise to do our best. In addition to celebrating diversity and treating everyone with respect, we set high standards for our team and the services we provide. This commitment to excellence has been our key to success since day one. 


At Together We Rock! we understand that we’re all human and prone to make a mistake or two. We also believe it’s important to take responsibility for our actions. If we make an error or need to improve, we’ll do our best to make it right. 

Our Investment

With a commitment to making a difference,
Together We Rock! does more than just promote social responsibility – we invest in leadership to make it happen.

Together We Rock! champions leaders who are taking steps to create a world where everyone belongs.
Our social enterprise spirit leads us to invest in individuals and organizations that are making an impact to create accessible and inclusive communities.


We’ve funded a leadership scholarship, which was most recently awarded to Kaitlinn Shaw for the courage she demonstrated in sharing a powerful message on inclusive education with her peers.

We presented a leadership bursary to Norman G. Powers Public School in Oshawa for the efforts its students, teachers, staff and families have made to create a more accessible and inclusive school community.

We were so impressed by the commitment to accessibility by the Boys and Girls Club of Durham that we made a financial contribution to their project to create a clubhouse where everyone belongs. 

And we’ve supported the next generation of leaders through a donation to the Plant A Tree and Watch a Student Grow Program of Durham College.


Together We Rock! believes that if we inspire learning and champion leadership, then accessibility and inclusion can happen.


Together we are better.
Together…we rock!